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Art Kits for Migrant Education Families

Kodiak Arts Council is excited to offer take-home arts kits for families enrolled in the Kodiak Island Borough School District Migrant Education program. We hope these kits help Kodiak kids have a creative summer! Below are a few links and resources to help you get the most out of your supplies.

We love to see what Kodiak kids create! Share your work on social media platforms and tag #kodiakarts

What's in the kit?


Watercolor Pencils

Watercolor pencils give young artists the best of both worlds of drawing and painting. Use on any paper as a colored pencil, or use on mixed media or watercolor paper and activate with water to create a painting.

Explore & Experiment:

This tutorial demonstrates watercolor pencil techniques to help you create different textures and effects in your watercolor paintings. Includes a demonstration on how to create a watercolor pencil palette.

A demonstration of using watercolor pencil techniques to create  landscape while the teaching artist discusses various principals of art in her approach including foreground and background, color theory, texture, and shape.

Step-by-step instructions for drawing and adding color with watercolor pencils.

Dual Tip Markers

Perfect for drawing, illustrations, coloring, hand lettering, and anything else you might dream up. Use the brush tip for coloring and shading, and the fine tip for smaller details. 

Explore & Experiment:

Learn how to create artistic designs and quotes with letters with this Hand Lettering manual developed and designed by Kodiak teaching artist Brianna Gibbs. 


Graphite & Charcoal Pencils

Every artist and illustrator needs high-quality pencils! Create precise fine lines & detail with your graphite pencil and shading work with your charcoal. 

Explore & Experiment:

Learn how to use basic shapes: circles, ovals, squares, rectangles and triangles to "block in" drawings of the world around us.  Developed and designed by Kodiak teaching artist Bonnie Dillard.

Pentel Oil Pastels

Oil pastels make artwork com to life with rich vibrant colors that applies smoothly and blends easily. 

Explore & Experiment:

An introduction to different marking and blending techniques with oil pastels.

Step by step tutorial in recreating VanGogh's famous painting by sketching in shapes with pencil and adding color and texture with oil pastels. 

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