Cabin Fever Crafting

Join us for free kits of supplies and step-by-step videos to keep your little ones happily creating at home. Cabin Fever Crafting provides fun and hands-on activities for young artists ages 4 - 8 and their siblings and grown-ups. 

  • Stop by the Auditorium every other week to pick up a free kit of supplies from the tote curbside (outside the doors with the salmon mural).

  • Tune in here for an instructional video to go along with your craft. Follow along in real time for instruction and tips. Feel free to pause, go back, or skip ahead as you need to. 

  • If you miss the supplies pick-up you may have supplies at home to participate. Check the supplies list beneath each video.

Previous episodes of Cabin Fever Crafting are archived and available to watch any time here

Cabin Fever Crafting Episode Nine: Hand Print Flower Bouquet

April, 2021


Need to have: Paper, Craft/Popsicle sticks, glue/glue stick, scissors, paint, something to apply paint

Nice to have: Mixed media paper or other thick paper, green construction paper, bright paint colors (yellow, pink, purple, blue), q-tips or other items to dab paint

Free supplies available starting 4/09(until supplies run out) from 10am-4pm outside the Auditorium.

Video timing:

Follow along with Rory and make your very own hand print flower bouquet! Pause the video when you need to, and skip ahead or go back when you need to. Be creative and make your own unique bouquet. 

0:00 - 0:17 - Opening Jingle

0:17 - 0:55 - Introduction

0:55 - 2:00 - Supply overview

2:00 - 3:24 - Tracing hands onto the paper

3:24 - 4:15 - Opening the envelope and sorting the contents

4:15 - 14:56 - Applying paint to the hand prints

14:56 - 18:54 - Gluing the planter pieces together

18:54 - 22:19 - Cutting out the hand print flowers

22:19 - 24:05 - Gluing the whole bouquet together

24:05 - 24:45 - Additional inspiration & encouragement

24:45 - 25:14 - Sign off

25:14 - 25:32 - Ending Credits

You can catch any of our Cabin Fever Crafting videos at

Cabin Fever Crafting Episode Eight: Paper Plate Rain Maker

March, 2021

Follow along with Rory and make your very own paper plate rain maker! Pause the video when you need to, and skip ahead or go back when you need to. Be creative and make your own unique rain maker. 

Video timing:

0:00 - 0:17 - Opening Jingle

0:17 - 1:10 - Introduction

1:10 - 2:26 - Supply overview

2:26 - 20:40 - Coloring on the paper plates

20:40 - 22:10 - Opening the envelope and putting beans on the plate

22:10 - 28:28 - Sewing the plates together with yarn

28:28 - 29:11 - Tying the finishing knot

29:11 - 30:13 - Showing off the finished product and additional encouragement

30:13 - 30:45 - Wrap up & sign off

30:45 - 31:04 - Ending Credits




Need to have: Paper plate, yarn, tape, something to draw with, scissors, dry beans

Nice to have: Hole puncher, crayons or colored pencils, beans of a few sizes for different noises

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