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Covid-19  Mitigation Protocols

Protocols update (as of March 23, 2022)

Our Covid mitigation protocols have changed in response to updated CDC guidelines. Here is what to expect from a visit to one of our performing arts events:

  • Masks: masks are recommended but not required. Free masks will be available at the Auditorium.

  • Seating: we are no longer restricting seating inventory in the Auditorium and audience members should expect to sit directly adjacent to their neighbors. We will have the Drama Pod and Choral Pod seating areas open for those who would like to move to those seats for social distancing.

  • Feeling unwell? Flexible refunds: Refunds will be processed up to 6 hours prior to the show start for those who feel unwell or have symptoms consistent with COVID-19. Please do not come to the Auditorium if you feel unwell. 

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