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Crab festival Art Show 2020

Sincere thanks to Kodiak artist Angela Toci for creating the artwork to represent the 2020 Kodiak Crab Festival Art Show.

Kodiak Crab Festival 2020 is going virtual and so is the 20th annual art show! 

Submission is now closed as we work on a brand-new Crab Fest Art Show website to showcase wonderful Kodiak artists and their fantastic pieces. Check it out below.

To join us for our Artist Meet & Greet via Zoom on Friday, August 21st from 7:00-8:00 pm, please use this link or this Zoom code: 837 9070 8592

The Frame Shop and Kodiak Arts Council invite Kodiak artists to submit new original creative work to be included in the Crab Fest Art Show, an official event of Kodiak Crab Festival, August 18 - 23, 2020. We are accepting all contemporary and fine art genre submissions from Kodiak artists completed within the past three years and not previously exhibited at the Crab Festival Art Show. Throughout Crab Fest the sponsoring organizations will be highlighting participating artists and their work on social media channels. Artists also have the opportunity to participate in a virtual Meet-the-Artist event during Crab Festival.


Kodiak Youth can participate, too! The 2020 Crab Fest Art Show will have a special category for young artists ages 17 and younger. Drawing, painting, sculpture, digital art, photography, hand lettering, beading, weaving and more! We love to see what Kodiak kids create. There will be a limit of four (4) entries per artists and all youth work will be listed NFS. There is no entry fee for participating youth.

Crab Festival Art Show 2020

Entry Guidelines

Eligible Media

Accepting all contemporary and fine art genre submissions from Kodiak artists. All work must have been completed within the past three years (2017 - 2020) and not previously exhibited at the Crab Festival Art Show. Eligible media include, but are not limited to: drawing, painting, photography, mixed media, oil/chalk pastels, block/ink print, pottery/vessels, sculpture, collage, digital art, metal work, jewelry design, fiber/textile art, wood work, 


Eligible Artists

For this show, the sponsoring organizations broadly define “Kodiak artist” to mean any artist residing in the Kodiak Island archipelago, or an artist whose work or artistic practice is significantly influenced by Kodiak Island. The latter may include, but are not limited to: former Kodiak Island residents, artists from neighboring communities whose work is inspired by a sense of place and/or connection to Kodiak Island culture, artists whose work in influenced by a visit to Kodiak Island. 


Youth Category

Kodiak artists under the age of 18 are encouraged to submit work in the Youth Category of the Crab Fest Art Show. There is no fee for young artists to participate in the virtual show and works will be listed NSF (not for sale). Youth Category Online Submission Form.


Number of Entries 

A limit of four (4) original pieces of art will be accepted from any one artist. 


Artist Statements

Participating artists are encouraged to submit an artist statement describing who you are and your artistic practice. Artists statements will be included in the virtual art show to share information about artists with the viewing public. 



To participate in the Crab Festival 2020 Virtual Show, all forms and photographs must be completed and submitted by August 14, 2020.


Submission Fee

There is a $10 non-refundable fee per participating artist. After submitting digital entries through the online form, artists will receive an email with a link to pay the entry fee online. We recognize that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the arts and culture sector and on individual artists. Artists experiencing financial hardship may defer paying until sales are realized and/or may participate without paying the fee. There is no fee for young artists in the Youth category. 


The site for the submission fee may be accessed through the link below:


Artists may choose to offer their work for sale, or may choose NSF (not for sale). All sales will be private sales between the artist and buyer. Artists wishing to sell their work must provide current contact information to be shared with prospective buyers. The is no commission to sponsoring organizations on private sales made possible through the 2020 Crab Fest Art Show.

Digital Submissions

Accepting digital submissions in .tiff, .jpg, or .png format with a minimum resolution of 150 ppi


Please save and label your files using the convention ArtistName_Submission#_TitleofWork_DateofCompletion for example: MaryCassatt_1_SelfPortrait_1880. 


If you are uploading more than one image of the same art submission (for example of sculpture or other 3D work), please also add a running number to the end of the fie name.


Artists who would like assistance in photographing their work may contact Sarah at The Frame Shop at 654-4452 to arrange for in-person photography of their submissions. For this option, artists will need to contact The Frame Shop by August 10.


Images/Intellectual Property

All artists retain the copyright and all other intellectual property rights in any artwork or other content in their submission. By completing the submission form and uploading images, artists grant the Sponsoring Organizations a non-exclusive, royalty-free, limited license to copy image, distribute, reformat if necessary, and display the artwork or content. By uploading your images and completing the required submission form, the artist agrees to allow the Sponsoring Organizations to share any or all works of art and/or artist information, e.g.: name, website information, etc., to further promote said artist via our various online portals, including but not limited websites and social media channels. 

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