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Disney's Mary Poppins

Performances: March 2 - March 11, 2018
Directed by Lissa Woodbury Jensen

Disney’s Mary Poppins has captivated audiences for generations, and the enchanting story, unforgettable songs, and breathtaking production numbers will come alive in Kodiak in March of 2018. Under the direction of Lissa Woodbury Jensen, a cast of more than 65 local actors, singers, and dancers filled the stage in this magical high-flying family musical. 


Mary Poppins is the practically perfect nanny who helps us learn to take our medicine with a spoonful of sugar, and find the silver lining in every situation. Mary brings order to the Banks household, takes Jane and Michael out on magical adventures, and dispenses sage advice, such as “anything can happen if you let it.”

Photos below by Pam Foreman and Carol Scott.

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