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Spring Arts

Arts opportunities for Kodiak kids over spring break

Spring Arts Frequently Asked Questions

In-Person Classes


Alutiiq Zentangles
with Susan Malutin & Denise Anderson

Monday, March 14 - Friday, March 18
 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Ages 8 and up
$50 tuition (includes supplies)

Students will be able to create art using the art elements of line, shape, and value as they draw "Alutiiq Zentangles." Drawing Zentangles is a fun relaxing way to create beautiful images with structured patterns. The practice of drawing Zentangles provides artistic satisfaction and increases focus, creativity, and curiosity. Students will be able to appreciate and honor Alutiiq culture through representing traditional items, animals, and plants in their artwork. Students will be able to observe and practice the Alutiiq language through daily mini-lessons delivered by an Alutiiq culture bearer.

Patterned Fabrics

with Lindsey Glenn

Monday, March 14 - Friday, March 18
10:00 am - 11:30 am
Ages 8 and up 
$50 tuition (includes supplies)

Come learn how to create a quilt! Whether you're experienced on a sewing machine or not, you will have fun choosing your own fabrics and learning to stitch your very own quilt from start to finish. All supplies, including sewing machines, will be provided for the projects.


Theatre Games
With Jared Griffin & the Shakesbears

Monday, March 14 - Friday, March 18
10:30 am - 12:00 pm
Age 8 to 12
$50 (includes supplies)

Theatre Games will help kids explore creativity and collaboration through improv acting, creating a stage space, physical characterization, and other theatre techniques. Class emphasis will be on sharing ideas, having fun, and building scenarios together.


Reader’s Theatre
With Jared Griffin & the Shakesbears

Monday, March 14 - Friday, March 18
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm
Age 10 and up
$50 (includes supplies)


In this class students will explore a variety of scripts, perform in groups, and practice using their voice to depict characters from texts. Free from the pressure of memorizing lines, students can focus on character creation, theme, flow, and pacing.


Monday, March 14 - Friday, March 18
 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm
Age 8 and up
$50 (includes supplies)

Hand Built Pottery with Bonnie Dillard

Hand-building with clay is messy, fun, and easier for most kids than the potter's wheel. Students will learn techniques to build different forms from scratch out of clay, including pinching, coiling, and slabbing to help them create forms.


Take-Home Kits

Marine Mosaics with Kathy Johnson

Take Home Kit | $70
with instructional video

Create a completely unique mosaic salmon, halibut, starfish, or whale tail with fun take-home mosaic kits. Marine Mosaic take-home kits include a selection of coordinated color tiles and a pre-cut marine form - you add the glue and your artistic touch! Each kit includes materials and instructions to help your student be successful with their mosaic project.


Once completed independently, families will return their mosaic creatures to the Auditorium and teaching artist Kathy Johnson will grout them for finishing.


Painted Marine Cut Out with Kathy Johnson

Take Home Kit | $30

Create a painted salmon out of a plywood cut fish template. Paint, paintbrushes, and other fun accessories will be provided to create a unique, one of a kind, colorful salmon

Spring Arts 2022 FAQs

  • When I pull up the camp we'd like to attend on your event calendar I don't see any links to next steps - what's happening?

On some operating systems you will need to take the extra step of clicking the calendar day the class starts to pull up the registration fields. The day should be highlighted in black and by clicking the box it will turn green and you will be able to advance to the next step.

  • How do I know if my registration is complete?

Families will receive a confirmation email from our registration system once their registration is complete. If you do not receive a confirmation email please check your junk or spam folders for an email from "Kodiak Arts Council" with the address "". If you do not have an email your registration likely did not complete. Please call or text 907-942-5840 or email Neelam at for assistance. 

  • Is there financial aid available to families?

Yes! The KIBSD Federal Programs office supports participation in our Spring Arts classes and kits for families that qualify for the Migrant Education program. All Migrant Education families are eligible and are encouraged to use this form to register through the Federal Programs office.

A no-cost participation option is also available for families facing financial challenges. Families are welcome and encouraged to use the promo code ARTIST in the registration process to register their students for Spring Arts classes and kits for free. Please call the Arts Council at 942-5840 if we can assist with registration and use of the promo code. 

  • I didn't receive a confirmation email - what happened?

Please check your junk and/or spam folders to look for an automated confirmation response from the Kodiak Arts Council. Our ticketing system is called OvationTix. If you cannot locate a confirmation email anywhere in your email inboxes it is likely that your registration was not successfully processed. Please call or text us at 907-942-5840 for assistance or email

  • Are masks required for in-person classes?

Mask-wearing is recommended but not required in Spring Arts classes. 

  • I signed up for a take-home kit, when do I pick up the kit?

The Marine Mosaics and Painted Marine Cut-Out take-home kits can be picked up from the Auditorium foyer on the following days and times: 

Saturday, March 12 from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm

Monday, March 14 from 10 am to `12 noon

If you are unable to pick up the kits during these windows, please let us know via email at or call/text 907-942-5840.

  • Can Adults take the classes or complete the kits?

Spring Arts is a youth arts education program. However, parents and guardians are welcome to create alongside their students at home. Grown-up engagement is encouraged with the Take-Home Kits to help students be successful with the project. 

  • My kids are younger than 8 years old - do you have offerings for them?

Our in-person  classes are open to students ages 8 and older. Younger students can sign-up for one or more of the take-home kits however they will need support from a grown-up to be successful. 

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