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Performances March 1, 2, 7, 8 2008

Directed by Jenny Stevens and Veronica Costa-Bolton

Conducted by Dale Lhotka


Often legend becomes history becomes legend. The tale of King Arthur is no exception. But in our modern day when mysteries fall at the hands of science and cynicism grows by watching the media, maybe believing a story based on how it makes us feel is not a bad idea. In fact, appealing to the hearts and the minds of people is what the Arthurian legend is all about. 

The story of Arthur and Camelot is a story about taking chances. It is about believing that what you know in your heart to be true is worth risking everything for, even if those around you tell you you're wrong. Arthur risks everything to change the concept of "might is right" which had prevailed for centuries to the new idea that power should be used only to do good in the world, that of "Might for Right." He believes in this idea so much he is willing to risk everything to see it through, including risking losing the love of his life. Guenevere risks everything to find what she imagines is true love. Lancelot trains his whole life to be ready to defend a concept of justice, just to risk it all for what he feels is a greater passion. All these characters enter into situations they have never known before, but pursue each step with a conviction that can only come from following what is in their heart. As they each question their chosen path, we are allowed as an audience to identify with them all the more.

Most great leaders have had a moment of personal struggle before continuing on their path. The point is not to be blindly sure of each step but to test the conviction with each new challenge. With each new generation a noble idea has a second change to be revived or refined. Arthur's Round Table may have cracked and Guenevere may have realized too later what true love actually means, but with the lessons these legends have to teach us, maybe our children will read them, hear them and learn from them. We want to believe that it is through our children that a second chance at change becomes possible and dreams live on.

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