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King Island Christmas

Performances December 8, 9, 10 2000

Directed by Jenny Stevens

Choreographed by Lissa Woodbury Jensen


In its original incarnation as a children's story, "King Island Christmas" shows us a picture of a courageous and creative people facing adversity and overcoming great challenges. The music and lyrics, with roots in Broadway (and Disney) are singable, playable, and enjoyable. In this wedding of story, words, and music, we find a universal message..... to care for each other, to care for our family, to care for our home and environment, to put trouble in its place, to count our blessings, to revere our elders, to try the impossible, to work together, to hope, to share, to love.

In creating our stage presentation of this wonderful story, we have become our own little village of musicians, artists, costumers, writers, set and production crew.

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