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Little Shop of Horrors

Performances March 4, 5, 10, 11 2006

Directed by Veronica Costa-Bolton and Jenny Stevens

Music director: Jenny Stevens

Choreography: Veronica Costa Bolton


Little Shop of Horrors brings a great deal of energy to our Kodiak stage. It offers a plot where the protagonist is a nerd and the antagonist is a talking plant, with a little romance, a sadistic dentist and a greedy flower shop owner, along with any number of classic and off-beat Skid Row characters. Add a live band with 50s style music and singable tunes and you have yourself a musical. Little Shop of Horrors was a sensation in a very small Off-Broadway theater that played for over 2000 performances and went on to a successful run in London as well. It is currently playing in theaters like ours all over America.

We may be in Skid Row New York during this musical, but the question asked is universal to human nature. What would you do for love or money?

You can think deep and see the Faustian overtones of selling one's soul to the devil to get what you want or just enjoy the memorable tunes and classic science fiction comic book plot.

You can see the three street urchins as singing, dancing accessories or as the classic Greek chorus that sees all and passes judgment, knowing the end is inevitable.

Or you can just watch, listen and share in the high energy, the upbeat music and riotous fun of Little Shop of Horrors.

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