The Music Man

Performances: March 5, 6, 11, & 12, 2016

Directed by Veronica Costa-Bolton

Music Director: Genevieve Stevens

Choreography by Lissa Woodbury-Jensen


Since its Broadway premiere in December of 1957 through its second appearance in Kodiak, "The Music Man" is a cornerstone of Americana. Set well before Alaska became a state or women had the right to vote, the story speaks to the common themes of love and redemption. But what really makes this story endearing and enduring is that it points out how people can resist change, even change for the better because it is unfamiliar. The characters get stuck in a routine of behaviors and of who they like and dislike without ever questioning why. It takes a distraction from old patterns of thinking to snap them out of their routine and help them believe they are capable of more than they thought. Regardless whether you are a ten year old boy learning the cornet or a traveling salesman looking for the next big score, "The Music Man" reminds you that you have the potential to be more than what you thought you could be.

The cast for "The Music Man" includes Mark Anderson as Harold Hill, Alexandra Silva as Marian Paroo, Anthony White as Marcellus Washburn, Joe Symonoski as Charlie Cowell, and PJ Foy as Winthrop Paroo.